OUR 3D Render Projects

Eagles Perch

Renders created for a builder who wanted to start marketing before the homes were finalized.

The project us currently live over at https://eaglesperch.ca/

Vedder Mountain

Renders created for a local Chilliwack builder who wanted to start marketing before the homes were completed. 

The project also included a drone scan of the area, allowing our team to match the elevation and layout of the site.

Custom Backyard

Renders created for a homeowner in Chilliwack, BC who wanted to see his landscape design before he put all the work in. 

This is a great option to help homeowners visualize a project, or to help landscapers sell their vision. 

Kenswood Custom

Renders created for a builder in Chilliwack. The renders were used to help visualize the project before construction and to inform decisions. As well as to market the home before it was completed. 

Fairway Villas

Renders created for a realtor in Chilliwack who was marketing the project. 3 different unit variations were included, along with full interior renders and a final video tour.

Misc Projects

Misc projects created for clients around the world. We have the ability to work with anyone, anywhere. 

Most of these projects were created to help builders and realtors to get presales prior to the homes being finilized.