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Canada Digital Adoption Grant

3 Easy Steps


Claim Your Grant

Step 1: Submit Form

  1.   Go to this Link and choose your region. It will give you an option to choose which service provider you want to work with. We’ve found Alacrity has a great process, but all of them are good options. 

  2. Follow the links and it should bring you to an application form.

  3. Fill out the form. Please note your business will need to have a Federal business number and a GST/HST number in order to qualify for the grant. 

  4. There should be a section that asks you to describe what the grant is for. Simply copy and paste: “Development, Design and launch of our website, SEO optimization for that website, and a google my business page for our business.” 

  5. Finish any final application steps and submit

Step 2: Advisor Meeting

  1. You should get contacted by a member of the service provider to schedule a quick 15 minute phone or zoom call. 

  2. They will guide you through the process to ensure that what you spend will be reimbursed by the Grant program. 

  3. They will ask how the money will be spent, you can give them this list.

    1. One year of website hosting fees on wix or wordpress

    2. Hiring a web developer to do a 3 page website on wix or wordpress

    3. Hiring a web developer to do a basic SEO package.

    4. Hiring a web manager to set up our google my business page. 

  4. If they need additional information on documents from us, please let us know!

Step 3: Design

Your advisor should approve your plan. In which case development can begin.

  1. Forward Media Solutions will bill you $1000 to get started on the project.

  2. You can then submit this receipt to the grant program, which they will reimburse and also unlock the rest of the grant money. 

  3. As progress on the website continues and finishes, Forward Media will send you the remainder of the bill.

  4. Pay and then send all invoices to the grant program, and the government will reimburse you for up to $2400. 


A couple things to note

  1. Our bill will not exceed $2200 before taxes. Ensuring that after GST you will not spend more than the $2400 allotted for the grant. 

  2. While we’ve customized our offer to fit within the guidelines of this grant, always check with your advisor to ensure 100% reimbursement from the grant.

Why Choose

Put your grant to good use!

We are standing by waiting to help! Contact using the form, or manually with the info below!


Thanks for submitting!

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