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Canada Digital Adoption Grant

How to apply and how to spend it


What it is

CDAP was developed by the Federal Government of Canada to help eligible small and medium-sized businesses expand online and adopt new digital technology with grants up to $2,400. These funds can be used digitally to help you achieve online business growth.

The grants can be used for various activities, including website development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and fees for eCommerce platforms

Why Choose
Computer Programming

How to Spend It

Your business must spend the grant on adopting digital technologies and strategies. Which is why we've created 3 perfect (and most common) options to help your business with exactly that!


Other Ideas

AI CHATGPT chatbot 

Google Ad Campaigns

Automated Data Reporting

Website Speed Optimization

We also offer custom services in case you have a specific and unique need. Whatever your need or idea is, we can come up with a solution for it and ensure you spend your grant wisely. 


Put your grant to good use!

We are standing by waiting to help! Contact using the form, or manually with the info below!


Thanks for submitting!

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