Fraser Valley Real Estate Video + Photo + Renders

Local, Reliable, and Quick Turn Around Times

4K + HD Video Delivered

Videos Include a 59 second IG version

Photos delivered same day

Satisfaction Guaranteed


What We Do

We create videos, photos, and 3D renders  for real estate in the

Fraser Valley.

Watch Our Demo Reel

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Why Choose Forward Media


We get the job done and deliver exactly what was promised, when it was promised.


All our services are to the high fidelity that our clients expect of us.


We value relationships over money and we put our clients first. We won't accept payment until you are 100% satisfied. 


We work HARD to get your project delivered fast and on schedule.

A Few Video Samples

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How fast is delivery?

We deliver photos within 24 hours of the photoshoot. We deliver videos within 3 business days of the video shoot. You can add a 24 hour rush order for +$100.

Do you have a drone?

Yes! We offer drone photo and video services for an additional cost. So long as your listing is not in a "no fly zone" we can get the shots you need.

Do I have to be in the Video?

Nope! As a realtor it is good if you are in the video, but not required. If you just want a tour of the home without you in it, we have a option for that with a reduced cost!

Do you do staging?

We don't do staging or moving of any furniture. During the shoot we will tidy and remove unwanted items, but only to a small extent. Should you need a stager, we would happily reccomend you too one!